It’s incredibly hard to move without sufficient boxes and supplies. Although you might be the adventurous type that can load everything into a suitcase and go, most of us need at least a few boxes. Plus, you need bubble wrap or something suitable for protecting valuables.


We’ve seen many unfortunate scenarios where someone tried to move without packing carefully, only to suffer damages. Big Mike’s Moving & Storage wants to eliminate the risk of broken items whether you make a local move around Florida, or long-distance across the U.S.

Box Types Available

There are many boxes’ styles to accommodate any object size. You have many choices that allow you to pack and secure fragile things like glass or expensive silverware. Here’s a few of the box types you might need for a move:

  • Small, Medium, and Large Boxes - great for basic stuff like books, toys, small kitchen appliances, and so forth.
  • Picture Boxes - these help a lot with mirrors, picture frames, and other semi-fragile items.
  • Wardrobe Boxes - you can use these boxes to move clothes without having to fold and wrinkle them so much.
  • Dish Boxes - dishes are some of the most common things to break during a move, so it helps to have a box tailored especially for them.

We also have a few others we use for other specialty purposes. The bottom line is that we can find or make something to handle anything you need for moving.

Other Important Supplies

You can also make great use of box inserts that allow you to compartmentalize each box (great for carefully packing glass mugs). It’s important to have some of these other packaging supplies for better protection:

  • Bubble Wrap (including pink, anti-static wrap for electronics)
  • Packing Paper
  • Tissue Paper
  • Packaging Tape
  • Markers (for labeling purposes)
So, don’t forget to grab plenty of boxes and supplies before you move. Better yet, let the pros at Big Mike’s Moving & Storage pack everything for you as well. We can get you the supplies, pack all your fragile home/business items, load them onto a truck, and move everything for you. It’s a comprehensive service at the most affordable and competitive rates. Find out more about all our moving services by calling 941-626-2356.


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