Can I Get Moving Supplies from a Moving Company?

Posted by Big Mikes Moving & Storage on August 18, 2023

Can you get moving supplies (like boxes, tape, and bubble wrap) from a moving company?

Of course, you can! Given how often people move, nowadays, a moving business wouldn’t do too well without offering such an essential service. Our Sarasota customers have come to expect it from us.

While in the old days, you might have had to salvage a bunch of boxes from the local liquor store, it’s much easier now. Here’s a quick reminder of how Big Mike’s furnishes important moving supplies for any moving trip.

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Box & Supplies Available through Big Mike’s Moving & Storage

  • Plenty of Boxing Options - We don’t blame people for grabbing whatever free boxes they can find, but it helps to use moving-specific boxes, which offer more secure protection. That’s why we have several kinds, suitable for various packaging purposes: small boxes, large boxes, picture boxes, dish boxes, clothing/wardrobe boxes, and more.
  • Wrapping and Tape - Don’t be that guy that loads all the boxes onto the truck without wrapping and taping them tightly. That’s like asking for your stuff to spill all over the place (and break) as soon you start driving. Instead, you’re welcome to use us for packing paper, bubble wrap, tape, markers (for labeling), and more.
  • We’ll Help You Pack Stuff - If you don’t have time to fill boxes and pack them right, we can even assist with that as well.

Always Focus on Getting the Right Size Boxes

Again, if you don’t select appropriate boxes for your belongings, then you risk sustaining damage during the move. We also recommend conducting a thorough inventory of everything you own to obtain an estimate of how many boxes you need.

Another problem we see all the time happens whenever folks try to cram too much into a small supply of boxes. You can avoid this problem by selecting a little more than what you’ll need for the trip, giving you plenty of breathing room.

Need Help With This? Call us for Assistance

Many of our customers are incredibly swamped with moving logistics and don’t have time to compare box sizes and other minutiae. That’s perfectly fine, though. Our team can help you determine which boxes to use, and how to pack those delicate items like expensive china and precious heirlooms.

Our entire mission revolves around helping folks move their belongings from point A to point B with less hassle. Big Mike’s Moving & Storage can help you pack everything, load the truck, drive the truck, and even store a few items for a while (with a 100% Best Price Guarantee). Call us today to learn more at 941-626-2356.

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