Moving to a new home is a significant transition not just for you but also for your furry friends. Pets can feel the stress and confusion of a move, but with thoughtful planning and consideration, you can ensure a smooth and comfortable transition for them. In this blog, Big Mike's Moving & Storage shares valuable tips for moving with pets, drawing on expert advice and our own experience in making the relocation process as seamless as possible for every member of your family.

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Preparing Your Pet for the Move

Familiarize Your Pet with Their Carrier:

Maintain Routine Veterinary Care:

Update Identification Tags:

Create a Pet-Friendly Moving Environment

Designate a Quiet Area:

Consider Professional Pet Sitters:

Gradual Introduction to the New Home:

Plan Safe Transportation

Secure Your Pet During Transit:

Schedule Breaks:

Bring Familiar Items:

Settling into Your New Home

Create a Familiar Space:

Gradual Exploration:

Stick to Routine:

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Moving with pets requires thoughtful planning and consideration to ensure their well-being throughout the transition. At Big Mike's Moving & Storage, we understand the importance of a smooth move for every member of your family, including your beloved pets. With these helpful tips and our expert moving services, you can make the moving process as stress-free as possible for your furry companions.

Contact Big Mike's Moving & Storage for a comprehensive moving experience that takes into account the unique needs of your family, including your pets. We serve various areas, including Florida, the Gulf Coast, and out-of-state moves, ensuring a reliable and caring approach to your relocation needs. Let us help you make your move a positive and comfortable experience for both you and your pets.

It’s never too late to declutter your living space and straighten up the homestead to get it looking its very best. Whether you’re getting ready for a move or just need to get some more living space, there’s an ideal solution for both, and that’s renting a storage locker. Every year, many people do this, and they wonder as to which items are best stored away for later use. Well, we’re here to break down some of the best candidates. 

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Seasonal Items - Depending upon the geographic area that you live in, you might have some items in and around your home that you don’t use all year round. For instance, you might have winter clothing and accessories such as sleds, snowplows, skis, or tire chains. Because you only need them a few months out of the year, placing them in storage can ensure some extra space around the house when they’re not in use.

Furniture - If you’re planning a move or some renovations, furniture is best kept someplace where it won't get in the way. Items such as sofas, dining room tables, and maybe even beds can be put away for a determined duration. 

Baby Items - If you’re in the process of raising a tiny human, chances are you have a lot of items, such as a crib, clothes, and toys that they’ve outgrown. Packing them away for a future sale or donation can free up some much-needed living space. Because, as we all know, children grow up fast and outgrow things at an alarming rate. 

Clothes - It’s not just children who outgrow clothes quickly. Depending on how expansive your wardrobe is, you might have large quantities of clothing that you don't wear that often. If you tend to alternate between a spring and summer wardrobe, you can free up some much-needed space in your closet. 

Electronics & Appliances - Thinking of upgrading some of the appliances in your home? Good idea. What's also a good idea is to store your other items that are no longer in use in a storage space. You might be able to donate or sell them at a later date. 

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Every year, millions of Americans pull up stakes, pack their bags, and decide to relocate. And Whether it’s across town, down the street, or even to another state, having a reliable moving company and storing your worldly possessions is always of the utmost importance. At Big Mike’s Moving and Storage, we’re the experts that Sarasota trusts. With better prices than the competition and an unwavering dedication to safeguarding your goods, there’s no job we can’t do. If you’re planning a move in the foreseeable future, these safety tips are imperative to ensure a smooth transition. 

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Create an Inventory 

Before you start boxing everything up, take a moment and take stock of everything that’s going on with you. Having a checklist and a concise inventory will ensure that nothing gets left behind and that you know how much you’ve packed up and made ready. 


If you’re moving to a brand-new location, there’s a good chance that there are some items you’ll want to unpack right away. Have these clearly marked so that you can access them once the move is completed.  

Downsize if Necessary 

Have you ever heard the expression “less is more?” Well, in the case of moving, this is certainly the case. The fewer items you have to move, the easier the process will be. Consider having a yard sale or donating items you don’t need anymore. This is a chance to start at a new location with everything you need and nothing that you don’t. 

Pack Efficiently, But Don’t Rush the Process 

Once you have a moving date scheduled, it’s important that you ensure everything is packed and put into its place in a timely manner. While you should ensure this is completed by the time of the move, you shouldn’t rush yourself. Allows plenty of time to ensure things are put away properly and packed up safely. 

Be Sure to Safeguard Your Health 

It’s well-known that the moving process requires a considerable amount of lifting. As such, the potential for personal injury is present. If you think you might have difficulty lifting some of the heavier materials, don’t put yourself at risk. A moving company is trained to carry the heavy load and put your worries at ease. 

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