Do Moving Companies Help with Packing? 

Posted by Big Mikes Moving & Storage on September 13, 2023

Every year, millions of Americans begin the arduous task of changing the locale in which they live. If you’ve never undertaken a sizable move, there’s a very good chance that you have a lot of questions about the process. Well, for the people who are planning on relocating to Sarasota, FL, Big Mike’s Moving and Storage is here to help, both with moving and storage, as well as answering any and all questions that you might have. A common question that often gets asked is whether or not moving companies help pack. Today, we intend to answer that. 

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Getting Extra Help 

The advantage of hiring a company like Big Mike’s is that we have the experience and skill to assist you in undertaking a move, which is much easier than doing it yourself. A full-service moving company will pack up your belongings carefully, which ensures their safety. They’ll then transport them to the new location and even unpack them if you so choose. One of the advantages of a company such as Mike’s is that we do the heavy lifting and have all of the necessary knowledge to handle all of your items with care. 


Before the movers arrive at your location, there are a few simple steps that we recommend that you take to facilitate an expeditious and safe movie. 

  • Any valuables or antiques that cannot be replaced should be clearly labeled as such and packed away separately. 
  • Any electronics should be unplugged and clearly organized. 
  • Depending on what items you want to have access to once the move is complete, it should be clearly labeled. This way, the moving team can organize the truck to accommodate this. 
  • If you have children or pets, we recommend having them stay with a sitter until the packing is completed. 

Big Mike’s Moving and Storage 

Big Mikes Moving & Storage is here to provide a great and affordable moving service. Our prices will beat any other licensed & insured moving company. We have been in the business for over six years, and customer care is what drives us. We offer free quotes for any of our available services, from packing household moves, and much more. Feel free to reach out anytime so you can get the job done right with Big Mikes Moving & Storage! For more information, visit us at

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