Helpful Tips for Moving with Kids

Posted by Big Mikes Moving & Storage on October 4, 2023

Are you moving soon, and move ALL your stuff, including children?

It’s stressful enough to move one person, with just a small trailer full of belongings. However, once you have to pack and transport everything in your previous home, and take care of youngsters (who aren’t always patient with these things), it becomes a difficult task. Thankfully, your friends at Big Mike’s Moving & Storage are here to show you some helpful tips on moving with kids.

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Helpful Tips for Child-Friendly Moving

  1. Explain What’s Happening - Chances are, this is the FIRST time they’ve encountered the upheaval and culture shock of moving to a new area. Therefore, the first objective should be to explain things as clearly as possible. You obviously wouldn’t want to overwhelm them with every detail immediately, but it helps to frame the move like an exciting opportunity or adventure. Then, you can field all the inevitable questions, and frame things in an age-appropriate way.
  2. Get Them to Help Somehow - One way to console any concerns they might have is to involve them in the moving process. This could be everything from packing their room or cleaning your current house to helping you label boxes and prepare for moving day. Don’t forget to call us if you need extra assistance with packing anything.
  3. Let Them Visit the New Location - Children are visual and very observant. So, if it’s possible, it’s smart to show them the new town and/or home where they’ll be living soon. You might also let them check out a few fun places for recreation/dining, which will develop more of a “buy-in” from them, making the trip much smoother.
  4. Hire a Pro Moving Team to Ease the Burden - This is where Big Mike’s comes to the rescue. Since there’s no such thing as an “easy move,” you might realize that you could use all the help you can get. Our moving crews can help you handle the other logistical parts of the move by doing the heavy lifting for you. We can pack your belongings, load the truck, and drive it to your next destination (with nothing breaking). There’s even room for storage if you decide to put some items away for a little while.

Hopefully, this gives you a fresh perspective on ways to lighten the difficulty of moving with children. We can’t wait to show you more about the 100% Best-Price-Guaranteed service you’ll get from Big Mike’s Moving & Storage. Feel free to contact us anytime to get started by calling 941-626-2356.

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